I will not become a crazy cat lady

And now, on a much lighter note (so I don’t start out as this angst, media induced, above-you-all snob) I got a cat over the weekend. I just graduated from college and moved to a new city (the birthplace of rock ‘n roll, non-the-less) to start my first (and hopefully not only) career workin for The Man in corporate America. I quickly learned that the amount of me-time and amount of frenzied go-time with friends shifts from college to the ol’ 9-to-5 office cubicle job. More me. Too much me. So I desided to get a cat. Something to stop me from thinking about myself all the time. Plus, sitting in front of the TV watching commentary from the Sex and the City season 2 DVD, reading Vogue, and having a loney glass of wine (which your friends left behind accidentally on purpose when they visited the other weekend – thanks ladies) at night seems just a little less sad with a companion, regard of how many legs she has.

So after weeks of searching, trying to find that perfect cat that complimented the charateristics in my old cat (the one I grew up with for the first 20 years of my life) while maintaining her own, new, kitten quirks that I never got from Mitzy because by the time I was old enough to not attempt to dress her in doll clothes or feed her glittery pom-poms she was past that kitten age of adventure and pure catnip-induced madness. I found the most beautiful long haired calico kitten at the rip age of 9 months waiting for my when I went to PetSmart one day and couldn’t tear myself away from her. I looked like a kid at the windows of the Marshall Field’s Christmas display along Michigan Ave in December. A week later, she was mine. And I got her from a local shelter, which made my animal-loving grandma very happy that I was indirectly saving the world one lost cute kitty at a time.

The naming process was stressful until I let her, terrified, out of her cage after the drive from the pet store to my one-bedroom apartment. I had spent weeks thinking up the best, most unique and stylish names I could come up with. I was so impressed with my finalize list that I was stressing myself out at having to choose only one. I was like a socialite teenager in a Manolo Blanik store, I wanted them all. Edie, Ramona, Baila, Tegan, Carrie, Lady, Sophie, Gracie, Mali, Keaton, Neko. But as soon as she was wandering, excited and causious, around her new home, slowly all the names were crossed off. They instantly fit or did not fit her, like trying on new jeans, an exhausting process, but so worth it when you find the perfect pair. Zoey. After one of my favorite underrated actress, Zooey Deschanel, known mainstream for her ‘A Christmas Story’ inspired efl costume alongside Will Farrell. The name was just exotic enough to satify my artistic, uncommon, itch yet normal enough that she isn’t the kid that gets made fun of for the the crazy name in middle school.


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