Mrs. Steve Jobs

Today Apple released yet another new product to use exciting little catchphrases like “innovative” “industry-leader” “thinking inside the box” (actually I thought up that last one, kind of catchy….get me Steve on the phone). It’s called the Apple TV (;=AppleTV). It lets you watch videos you have downloaded (preferably from iTunes of course) on your TV. Great idea for all of us illegal downloaders (That just doesn’t strike the gasp of America that it used to. I miss the old days when that was considered so rebellious and I’m-going-to-court-and-fighting-my-cause). But at $300 a pop, I could buy 60 movies from the 4 for $20 bin at Blockbuster. Plus, if they want people to buy from iTunes, who is going to pay for a show then pay for the device to show it on TV when the show was on TV in the first place? It’s full circle! My god he’s even a genius when his products don’t make sense! I love this man.

How are people this desperate to watch Desperate Housewives in the middle of their busy days that they need to pay more for it to go on their iPod so they can watch it while they are jetsetting to Seattle for a meeting with Starbucks or waiting in the minivan for their kids to get out of school, and then pay more for when they do realize they have an hour to watch it on TV later?? It’s called a tape recorder and its free when you buy a $40 kitchen TV from Costso! My dad still tapes the Office for me on VHS and mails me the tape so I can watch it later.

I am not bashing Jobs. If he can get people to pay up for instant gratification, cash in on it! I just feel that my business knowledge is insync with his plan to take over the world; I’m on to him and his clever ads with cute MAC boys and white earpods. You cannot reel me in you conniving mogul, Jobs! Marry me?

Disclaimer: I am listening to podcasts everyday on my iPod at work, am thinking about upgrading to the Pod video, have convinced my sister to get a Mac for college next year, am pricing out getting an iBook myself, and the iPhone commercials give me butterflies.


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