Virginia Tech

It would be ignorant of me not to comment on the traumatic shooting at Virginia Tech yesterday. It sends chills through me as I read article after article about the timeline of events. I think it hits close to home because it was on a college campus. I picture it played out at MSU, in the dorm I lived in, in any number of buildings I went to class in every day. To imagine that scene isn’t something that is settling to me.

The fact that news like that springs up in the middle of a quiet Monday reminds me of how surprising and unpreprared events like this are, making it all the more frightening and making me all the more aware of what is around me, how easily it can change.

From the sounds of a majority of the articles and news reports on the event, the university has a long road ahead of them as they defend their reactive actions and safety on campus. But, before politicans take this opportunity to blow up the gun control issues and before parents can criticize the influence of video games and being bullied at school, all questions and issues asside, we just need time to take it all in, notice the loss.


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