Its so genius, even a caveman could do it

The cavemen. Or, if you spend your days where I do, “Those *&%)!@ cavemen”. I need to overcome the fact that those full sized hobbits are putting me out of a job, because they are so fascinating that my group just spent half our team meeting talking about them.

This is advertising spiraling out of control. Yes, they are sassy and oddly attractive in a 4000 BC kind of way, but fictitious corporate mascots should NOT be let out of their 30 second commercial cages! They run wild among the young and beautiful starlets of Hollywood while drilling into our subconscious something as unexciting and standard as car insurance. These menaces to our society have wandering into our watercooler conversations, our award show red carpets, our worktime-wasting internet surfing, even our precious primetime TV!

They have upped the anty in insurance advertising. Remember the good ol’ days when you just asked your agent for the cheapest rate and companies just bribed agents to sell their stuff? But now, I’m furiously downloading bands from the Caveman’s iPod, making ironic comparisons of the classy Australian gecko to Mr Big, and watching as already infamous Hollywood personalities get their long awaited 15 min of fame.

If you were to theoretically look at these probably genius marketeers from a theoretical competitor’s view point, the seemingly awesome 3 ad campaigns that they have going on simultaneously is pretty radical when you take into consideration the fact that this is for INSURANCE. The other competitors are floored that no longer can they get away with the sappy or informative commercials on your rate coverage. They need D list celebs, saucy talking lizards, and primetime heroes of the stone age. Its so beyond anything inusurance has seen that they can’t even bother to say” Why didn’t we think of that?” And do you what they have to say about that? Its so easy a caveman and a lizard can do it! Smartasses.


2 responses to “Its so genius, even a caveman could do it

  1. i like the cave men; they make me laugh

  2. i like the cave men; they make me laugh

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