Peace, Love, and Music

Thanks to Boutit and his festival obsessions, along with a long line of hippie friends that have attempted to make festival-hopping a true lifestyle, I have spent today furiously reading reviews from the Coachella Festival that was this past weekend in California and hating myself for not realize the mass awesomeness of the lineup and having not thrown responsibilty to the wind and gone to it.

So I pay homage to the Music Festival. Unfortunetaly and embaressingly, I have never been to one. I’ve been to my fair share of shows, of course, but I look upon the religious ceremony that is the 3-day music festival from afar, sighing and only imagining how overwhelming the atmosphere is. Sometimes I believe that it is best that I don’t step into that temple of indie rock and ska, so as to avoid the unavoidable panic attack I would have at the meer sight of 5 stages, hemp booths, DJ set ups, 150 of my closest friends and bandmates, and an entire generation of Woodstock-wannabes. It is my calling, but I’m afraid of what it would do to my logical thinking on life. Because, you know, I can live in a muddy tent. I can shower in the rain. I can wear tapastries. I can eat veggie hot dogs and hummus. I can use port-o-potties. I can do that. If it means I can listen to nonstop music of my favorite bands all in the same place. Please introduce me to the man that thought up these cultural meccas. (Ok, I can’t seem to find it on Wikipedia, but we’ll just lay the praise on Michael Lang for putting Woodstock in motion). Its like Costco for music-listeners. Wholesale rocking out. And who doesn’t love Costco?? One-stop shopping. If you took the 170 bands playing at Bonnaroo this year at an average of probably $20 a ticket if you saw each one on tour = $3,400 if you wanted to catch them all. Tickets to Bonnaroo = $214 at the most. Throw in a road trip and tent and you are still nowhere near the thousands of dollars and time it would take to hit all those guys individually. Look at it another way. 170 bands divided by $214 = $0.74 per band! I’m a numbers person but, seriously, that is amazing.

And what is the best part of this obsession is that its building steam. The festivals are popping up all over the US: Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Coachella, Summerfest, South by Southwest, All Good, 10,000 Lakes, Austin City Limits, and so much more. Event planners are seeing this equation, are hearing the buzz of crazy music people like me and they eyes turn to $$, which is fine with me if it means your going to give me the Arcade Fire, Wilco, Amy Winehouse, My Morning Jacket, Gomez, Ghostfaced Killa, Lily Allen, Artic Monkeys, the Chili Peppers, and Bjork on one stage. Feed off my naive, teenage marketing audience. We love it!


One response to “Peace, Love, and Music

  1. I feel your pain Ms. Waters. Even though I am new to this ever-changing genre (but still a music fanatic), I am realzing how much I have missed out on. So I figured, we should just turn “Bowtie” into a music festival…in Michigan. I know, I know, Lollapalooza is just 3-4 hours away, but if you find a remote location (we have the entire U.P. to mine for spots) and coax these bands into the beauty that is summer in Michigan, it could work. Not to mention, the crime that it is that most of the bands skip Michigan when touring. Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, The Decemberists, Kaiser Chiefs, etc., all skipped out this year in favor of Chicago and Cleveland (mularky!). Plus, we would have an event to segway into, “Bowtie”…coming soon…

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