Masters of Science in Cyber Social Butterflying

For universities to keep their internet start-up dorm residents from dropping out to go global in Silicon Valley before they can even get into the bar without a fake ID, they are actually bribing them with MySpace. MIT and UofM finally have no choice to but attract the 20 something tech genius grad student by letting them get a degree in the art of legitimate stalking. This is also reason #37,543 Gen Y is proving how hip and social and cyber-savvy we are AND making it legit at the same time. Facebook 201

As off the wall and specialized as it may be, I think its a step in the right direction for tradition-soaked age old universities to keep in step with advancing knowledge and interest. Granted the WSJ article only sites about 4 colleges that have these programs, its a start.

Even though these handful of institutions are working on being up on whats popular and whats in store for “the future corporate leaders of the global marketplace“, it’s still frustrating that the vast majority of schools, and corporations for that matter, are either a) not putting in the effort to try to understand what we as the brightest and best are looking for in our experiences or b) don’t really care because we are older and wiser and you will do what we say because that is how it has been done and that is how it will be done. Forever. Overall, it APPEARS that people actually care about catering to our needs (See Google work culture – sick) but because it is only the companies and colleges with the most facetime with the general public and media (and money) to make it known that they are sweet, dawg. 90% of 20 somethings are not being schmoozed with free on-site massages or pop culture master’s degrees. And I realize money blah blah is an issue, but most companies just need to put aside their pride and open a magazine or read a few blogs to see what we as a generation need and want in our future. Get off your high horse because pretty soon we will be running the show and man, karma is a bitch.

{step off soapbox and walk away with head held high}


2 responses to “Masters of Science in Cyber Social Butterflying

  1. inspiring thoughts…any chance it will happen? And where do I sign up?

  2. inspiring thoughts…any chance it will happen? And where do I sign up?

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