Oh, the wonder of it all!

At the end of that Stonehenge drug-induced solstice love-fest article, it added a little comment about how Stonehenge is a finalist for one of the seven new wonders of the world. Not knowing much about worldly alien rock formations or much about the history of the OLD wonders of the world, up until that point I had assumed it was one of the wonders. A quick peak on Wikipedia informed that clearly I did not do very well in 6th grade social science since, nay, only one of the original seven ancient (not OLD) wonders of the world still exists, the great pyramid of Giza.

Well clearly these are not such wonders of the world if they could not withstand the true test of time (2000 years of time. Lightweights.) So maybe it is good that some Swiss “adventurer” (how do i get a title like that??) decided to take a global poll to see what the new generation of timeless architecture will be.

This guy has a better plan than the first Greek dudes that DECLARED the first seven wonders (Why don’t people DECLARE things anymore?? Ohhh democracy. That’s right.) based on amazing man-made structures they had seen. Well, in 500 BC Greece, there wasn’t a whole lot to see (They didn’t travel far for fear of fall off the edge of that blasted flat Earth of ours) so all the ancient wonders were around the Mediterranean Sea. Not a very complete list.

So this new Swiss guy, Bernard Weber, desided to give the people what they want! and let them vote on what they think the new seven wonders should be (There’s that damn democracy again). I think this is sweet. But then you see your choices (and that you probably have to pay $1.50 per txt message to cast your vote) and you see that this is going to be a no-brainer:

1. Stonehenge. The aliens win again.
2. Effiel Tower
3. Colosseum
4. Taj Mahal
5. Great Wall of China
6. Statue of Liberty
7. Sydney Opera House

Boring but we all know they will be the winners. Its like voting on prom king and queen. They are the popular ones. Most people have probably never even heard of the other 14 places. But I’ve always got my heart out there for the underdog so who knows! Prove me wrong you crazy statues of easter island!

You don’t have to wait for much longer. The new 7 wonders will be announced on July 7th (07.07.07 CLEVER)


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