Rehab is so hot right now

Don’t worry, this isn’t some post on the party like a coke addict era of starlets (couch LiLo cough). I’m all over this badass aura of Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen right now. Way to bring back the party like a ROCK STAR persona of the past in the form of 22 year old chicks who aren’t afraid to be drunk on stage AND actually have the sound to back up their i-don’t-care-what-you-think-i-am-awesome ‘tude. Here is a picture from SNL that just about sums up the trend (Lily Allen as Amy Winehouse) ——–^^^^^

I had all these cool dude things to say about the ladies, but I’m all into youtube tonight and got distracted by videos. Numero uno is Amy Winehouse + Charlotte Church (yea that15 year old opera singing prodigy from like 10 years ago. Turns out she’s got a hot modern sound too!) doing M.Jackson’s ‘Beat It’. How could I pass that up?! # Deux is Charlotte Church and Nelly Furtado doing ‘Crazy’ just because, i mean come on – how often are you going to see combos like these?? And this is where my video ADD (or ADHD – correct me if I’m wrong Erin) kicked in and my Zooey stalkerness joined the party too……..She can sing! (Sit tight through the first song – warm up. The second song makes me want to get into the cabaret scene.) Fun fact is that in Elf, that’s for sure her singing “Baby, its cold outside”. Ok shhh I’m watching Zooey. I’ll get back to you with more power to the drunk girls later.

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