3 for the price of 1!

Today is a “3-topics-for-the-price-of-one” day.

The best $2.99 I have spent in the last month was to add Tetris to my phone. Because my brain is not awake during the morning commute to read my book and I don’t have the hand-eye coordination to wrangling the Red Eye paper into a readable origami shape without giving 4 people around me paper cuts and because during the evening commute my brain is hungover from staring at spreadsheets on the computer all day, I play Tetris to and from work. I thought I was a genius for reintroducing this game back into my life to pass the time on the train. Until one day, as I was ogling over the junior analyst broker next to me’s new LG voyager phone, I noticed that he was playing Tetris too! And the advertising chick a row over was playing Pacman. And….. is that Frogger?? We are bringing sexy back into these games. Because of the popular obsession with everything at the palm of our hands, it has created a gateway back into the early 80’s when these games ruled the fledging gaming industry. They are convenient to play on the go, easy to win during the half hour commute, and with simple programming they don’t take up much space, leaving ample room to fill up our iPhones and Blackberry’s with the new

I’m all about small talk. It gets me through many long afternoons at my boss’s desk, and sitting at the bar at Jake Melnick’s before the happy hour rush. But I always knew that when a conversation was veering towards the weather, you were getting dangerously close to the awkward silence before you start talking about American Idol, which you don’t even watch. But lately, the weather has been as exciting as the primaries, and just as yo-yo-esque as well. It has become a serious topic of discussion as we all turn into meteorologists with our theories on why the 10 inches of snow melted before we woke up the next morning and lament a simpler time when winter was distinguishable from spring, when there were no 50 degree days at the beginning of the new year to tease you into believe that global warming had kicked mother earth into early menopause.

And I have to do this just because I have to. My Super Bowl ad picks:

Bridgestone Tire Super Bowl Commercial: Squirrel vs Car

eTrade Super Bowl Commercial: Talking Baby Rents a Clown

Coca Cola Super BOwl Commercial: Parade Balloon

Tide-to-Go Superbowl Commercial, My Talking Stain Ad

Pepsi Stuff Super Bowl Commercial: Justin Timberlake


One response to “3 for the price of 1!

  1. $2.99 on a tetris game? That’s hella cheap.

    My ring tones almost cost just as much.

    Whatever happened to Snake? *le sigh*

    when there were no 50 degree days at the beginning of the new year to tease you into believe that global warming had kicked mother earth into early menopause

    I predict in the year 2012 we’ll all be dead.

    What say you?

    You’ll be in heaven and I shall be looking up at you. Because, yeah, I’m definitely going to hell. 😛


    P.S. I miss you, bitch.

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