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Bonnaroo + Daily Show = Love

It’s that soul-searching time of the year – what festivals to go to this summer. Thanks to Justin’s reviews and finding out I won’t be losing my festival buddy to Fiji this summer, I am in a quandary over which to attend. I’ve already got my Lollapalooza tickets in hand to celebrate my sister’s birthday on another hot and music-filled weekend. My next two choices are Rothbury round 2 or Bonnaroo. Doc was comparing the lineups yesterday and found two little gems hidden among the artists on the Bonnaroo list – Jimmy Fallon and Daily Show correspondents John Oliver and Rob Riggle (plus producers). Sold.


Music from Staten Island

Children’s choirs may be the most fuzzy-feeling-inducing sound in this cold prickly world. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to discover the kids of PS22 choir in Staten Island.  These kids are singing Coldplay, Tori Amos, and Bjork! They seem so genuinely inspired by singing in the videos. Bravo to their teacher, Mr. B, for turning music into more than just a practice in scales. You can recognize their amazing backup vocals for Passion Pit’s “Reeling”. I sang choir for four years and never got to sing anything cooler than Handel. I got chills when I first heard “Eye of the Tiger” on Pop Candy.


I’m not on Twitter (I think because the media got to it before the masses, it never achieved its al-important grassroots initiative, and therefore lost the influence of college students everywhere) but I love a good culture matrix. So here is the Twitter Matrix brought to you by NY Mag, so you can distinguish the Rachel Maddows from the Snoops. 

The only tweet I’d follow would be if this Tine Fey character was really her.

Afterlife and the City

It’s official. The Sex and the City cast is complete for a sequel to the supposed-to-be-final-chapter movie of the show. Chris Noth has signed on to play Big in the movie, to be released in Summer 2010. I don’t know anyone that is actually excited or even surprised by this “BIG NEWS!!!” of a sequel. But does it even matter anymore? Advertisers are still going to gobble up the gold mine of committed fans that will go see the movie anyways. Its like someone coming back to life. We said our goodbyes, we were at peace with the happy endings, we had moved on. But wait! They’re still alive and living in NYC! Its not a happy ending! The wounds are reopened and you must know what will happen now, for final closure. Again. 

Also – SJP and Ferris Bueller are having twins this summer from a surrogate mother. Do with this what you may.

Video killed the Radio Starlet

While I’m still in the swells of podcast love, I have a newfound level of cool for radio personalities. NY Mag did a profile on 16-year-old Keili Hamilton, the youngest radio DJ on WFMU, an indie station broadcasting to NYC and Jersey. She makes me cure my parents for letting me listen to hours of Broadway soundtracks instead of PJ Harvey when I was little.

Advertising Backlash

Commoners are finally getting smart about how to get corporate attention. $$$$. The show Chuck on NBC is being threatened with cancellation. There is a small but strong band of fans of the show that are petitioning to save the show. But instead of writing letter to the network that will never get read for fear of anthrax or revolution, fans are going to speak in the language of the corporation – advertising dollars. Subway is a major sponsor of the show with product placement sprinkled throughout episodes. On the night of the finale (tonight) fans are encouraged to buy footlong subs to let the advertisers decide if they want to pull out of this gold mine of customers.

I’m wearing it as a joke

I could watch 30 Rock a hundred times and always find some new quip buried under the plot. That’s why I watched last night’s episode 3 times (one for every glass of wine I poured). When Liz and Jack google “la viuda negra” to uncover Elisa’s dark secret, this is the website they find. Liz: “Blue writing on green…Why??” My web design prof would have been so proud. We spend an hour of class last week looking at the world’s worst websites.

Also, per the AV Club, during the montage of Tracey JORDAN’S stomach there is a clip of Tracey MORGAN flashing his stomach during a chicago news broadcast. Trying to hunt down the clip now.

And lots of special guests for the finale!