Everyone loves a makeover story

Laura gave me a tutorial on Google Reader and RSS feeds this week, something I should have learned about a year ago. As with most new gadgets, I am overwhelming myself with the opportunities I suddenly have. I already have 11 blogs in my feed. And as I was surfing around looking for blogs to flood my mind with, I realized how sorely neglected and behind my blog has become. Because I always want my posts to burrow deep in your mind and make you think about pop culture in a new way, my posts are a little lengthy. And all the cool kids’ blogs are short and snappy. 

So its time for a new format. Something less intimidating, quicker, lighter. One or two paragraphs about anything cool I learned that day. Because in the world of media and the blogosphere, there is something new to discover everyday. My main goal is going to be to post something daily. Something. I’m sure I will still find myself ranting about the societal impact of various pop culture artifacts. But to avoid avoiding writing for the sake of the intimidation of writing 5 paragraphs about the value of quarters in a coin-laundry city, I am going to focus more on content and less on length. 
Ready. Go!

One response to “Everyone loves a makeover story

  1. Daily posts? Yes! This will be perfect for the ADD person that has Google Reader transformed into.

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