Lost in the pages of Wired

Wired mag, in all its geeky glory, handed over the reins to JJ Abrams for their May issue. And yes, he is just as much of a mindf*ck in print as he is on TV as the creator of Lost. The issue is dedicated to mystery, puzzles, clues, theories, and more. Grab your magnifying glass and basset hound for this one. There is another layer to this editorial. Abrams has created a cerebral riddle hidden within the pages of the magazine. The prize is unclear, aside from true mastery of codes and patterns. Steven Bevacqua was the first to successful solve the riddle; NY Times walked through the tests that he conducted to discover this hidden website.

This issue is interactivity without the use of technology (All of the clues are within the pages, none on the Wired website). A major strain to the magazine industry has been the shift to digital. This excitement and sense of being part of something within the tangible pages of the magazine pulls the read into the pages at a new level, reading between the lines and noticing details they may normally skim over. It may be a novel gasp of fresh air for print magazines, but if its getting people to turn pages and think critically about text, then its fresh air all the same.

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