Afterlife and the City

It’s official. The Sex and the City cast is complete for a sequel to the supposed-to-be-final-chapter movie of the show. Chris Noth has signed on to play Big in the movie, to be released in Summer 2010. I don’t know anyone that is actually excited or even surprised by this “BIG NEWS!!!” of a sequel. But does it even matter anymore? Advertisers are still going to gobble up the gold mine of committed fans that will go see the movie anyways. Its like someone coming back to life. We said our goodbyes, we were at peace with the happy endings, we had moved on. But wait! They’re still alive and living in NYC! Its not a happy ending! The wounds are reopened and you must know what will happen now, for final closure. Again. 

Also – SJP and Ferris Bueller are having twins this summer from a surrogate mother. Do with this what you may.

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