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More from JayeL!

usb-mixtapeJustin has been busy putting together some sweet new playlists. Its the best part of the month!

JayeL Audio 5-21-09

So far I’ve had Camera Obscura – French Navy on repeat and is quickly becoming a JayeL Audio best of for me. Daniel Merriweather sounds vaguely like something Mark Ronson would produce. Points for that also. 

Nark Trek

Nark playlists are always good for getting ready to head out for a night on the town. But aside from listening before heading out Saturday night, I haven’t yet had a chance to dive into this one. I’m looking forward to a little less hip hop and little more Estelle and Lady GaGa


More Audio Collages!


I’ve said before how cool I think audio collages of everyday sounds are. Youth Radio has created another remixed version of the sounds of a convention they had set up shop at. I like this one because they create a beat that give it a musical edge.

The Heidelberg Project

heidelberg-project-detroit-200805-ssDetroit may be infamous for its decaying city blocks, but local artists are painting the town red…and green, blue, purple, and yellow.  The Heidelberg Project is an outdoor art project on Heidelberg St (west of Mt Elliott St) that has transformed a block of abandoned houses and junk into a canvas for colorful painting and sculptures.  The controversial project has been partially demolished by the City in both 1991 and 1999, yet it continues to inspire creativity amidst the dismal reputation of the city.

Digital Divide?

As the price of bare bones laptops decrease and extensive free wifi across the country increase, the theory of the “digital divide” could be weakening. Phred Dvorak of the Wall Street Journal wrote a very interesting piece about the uses of the internet by homeless. They have online communities, use facebook, twitter, myspace, search for jobs on, and keep in touch with email and read news articles. Some computers are available at shelters but there are some homeless that tot their own laptops. One man lost his apartment this year and when he realized he was going to be homeless, he packed up his laptop to take with him. It would be great to see more shelters get the funding for computers and the internet so more people can use the endless online resources to get back on their feet.

Sarah’s Smash Shack

abc_gma_smash_081022_mnOn Ann St, when someone was upset or pissed off, we would pass them a box of Kleenexs, not to dab their tears but to throw across the room. It was harmless to other objects/people in the area and had more of an impact than a pillow. But there were times when I just wish someone would have handed me a plate to smash. Well Sarah Lavely and Ed King came up with one of those genius why-didn’t-I-think-of-this-first ideas. A place to break shit. 

Sarah’s Smash Shack in San Diego is a place where you can rent a soundproof room and buy some cheap thrift plates and glasses and throw them at the wall. You can bring your ipod and blare “I’M A BITCH” while channeling your break up or work frustrations on some chintz plateware. Not only does this place give people an outlet to walk away a little less stressed, but also supports the arts by donating the broken remains of your anger to local artist and youth art projects for mosaic work.

Book Worms rock out

The_High_StrungChelsea, MI – I never thought that town would produce anything asside from my family’s 50 year old decaying cottage. But turns out they have one of the most innovative librarians around. Bill Harmer began as a librarian in Chelsea and had an idea to create an event that combined his two loves. Music and libraries. Hence was born the Rock & Roll Library Tour. What began as a localized Michigan tour of 35 libraries has become a national affair, a tour headlined by The High Strung, a Detroit band I will have to check out. And if you look closely at their tour schedule, they make a stop in Guantanamo Bay on July 30th (my birthday!).

The Modern Rock 500 has kicked off their annual Modern Rock 500 of some of the top modern rock and alt songs over the past 25 years. There are countless Classic Rock countdowns during the summer but rarely do you get a great compilation of “The Future of Rock and Roll” like this. And not only is this a great way to catch the waves of modern rock trends but also discover a great online radio station for some new tunes! So far this evening I’ve heard some new stuff like Camera Obscura and Ra Ra Riot and great alt rock like Sonic Youth and Harvey Danger.