Always a fan of the remix culture, this post on the Medium about the fusion of sampling and youtube caught my eye. The ThruYOU project pulls rhythm, sound, harmony, melody, and vocals from amateur youtube musicians. Here’s one funky mix:
While we’re checking out grassroots music magic, here is another project, Playing for Change, that brings together the dedicated international talent of street musicians across space and time. They recorded various layers of the song “Stand by me” on street corners across the globe to create this goosebump-inducing knitting of music:
And remix can’t be complete without mentioning name-your-price recent release of Remix Manifesto. Director Brett Gaylor talked to Wired about the six-year project about copyright laws in music. Between my undying love for Girl Talk and the unavoidable topic of intellectual property in my New Media classes, I can’t wait to sit down and watch this documentary (currently downloading). 

One response to “Re-mix-mix-mix

  1. Hold Up. Wait A Minute. I’ve waiting for this for awhile.

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