toddboston_rameshkannan_small_p38mThere was a feature in this month’s Yoga Journal about the relationship between yoga and music.  and a new trend of live music during yoga classes. (I can’t seem to find the article online). Although I love the steady, smooth instrumental background music of most yoga classes I’ve taken, I get a revived energy when I find myself in a practice listening to Led Zeppelin or Kanye West (I did actually here Love Lockdown in a class. Such an oddly motivating song.) The YJ article talked about Michael Franti & Speadhead, a jam band that has become an advocate for yoga. I was lucky enough to participate in a yoga practice lead by Michael Franti at Rothbury last year (although it wasn’t until I read this article that I discovered who he was and his importance in the yoga community).

Today the yoga stars aligned for me when Whitney at Pop Candy posted a link to a yoga + music festival in CA, Wanderlust. Headlined, of course, by Michael Franti & Spearhead, this weekend getaway in Tahoe seems too good to be true. I went into overload when I saw Girl Talk on the lineup as well. Who’s comin with me??


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