Catcher and the Rye 2.0

catcher_in_the_rye_159211214_stdEver wonder what happens to Holden Caufield after the final pages of Catcher in the Rye? What happens in the mental institute? After? Well it may not be authentic, and may not be what JD Salinger holds as the future of Holden, but John David California believes he knows. He has written a sequal to Catcher in the Rye, “Coming Through the Rye”, which tells the story on Holden Caufield 60 years later as he escapes from a nursing home to wander the streets of New York once again.

As cool as it would be to read this sequal and see what wisdom and new swear words Holden has pickup up during his certainly adveturous life, its tough to take this author or his novel seriously without the seal of approval (or byline) of JD Salinger. I don’t know any other situations where a sequal was written by somone else. I wish I did now, to have a point of reference. Research topic!


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