Stimulating Optimism

prt_9I have a new site to add to my Reader feed! I have been shopping around for some new sources of cool stuff (not that Boing Boing, Daily Intel, Time Out Chicago, and Pop Candy don’t supply me with hours of awesome tid bits) and The Stimulist is just the sunny outlook I need to add to my perpetually silly (yet informative!) blog.

The Stimulist is a new site by Carlos Watson that showcases “a tasty mix of rising stars, provocative ideas, and inspiring stories.” It has sections for big ideas, kind-of-a-big-deal people, cool sh*t, how to help yourself and others. In celebration of the long weekend, its nice to check out something refreshingly optimistic! I’m off to Milwaukee for some quality girl-time and lakefront bbqs this weekend. Enjoy the extra few hours of freedom this weekend.

There are so many !!! in this post it’s making me uncomfortable with my own excitement…


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