More from JayeL!

usb-mixtapeJustin has been busy putting together some sweet new playlists. Its the best part of the month!

JayeL Audio 5-21-09

So far I’ve had Camera Obscura – French Navy on repeat and is quickly becoming a JayeL Audio best of for me. Daniel Merriweather sounds vaguely like something Mark Ronson would produce. Points for that also. 

Nark Trek

Nark playlists are always good for getting ready to head out for a night on the town. But aside from listening before heading out Saturday night, I haven’t yet had a chance to dive into this one. I’m looking forward to a little less hip hop and little more Estelle and Lady GaGa


One response to “More from JayeL!

  1. Wow, i love it and appreciate it. Good catch on the Mark Ronson production. Daniel and Wale are both signed to Ronson’s Allido Records as well.

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