Sarah’s Smash Shack

abc_gma_smash_081022_mnOn Ann St, when someone was upset or pissed off, we would pass them a box of Kleenexs, not to dab their tears but to throw across the room. It was harmless to other objects/people in the area and had more of an impact than a pillow. But there were times when I just wish someone would have handed me a plate to smash. Well Sarah Lavely and Ed King came up with one of those genius why-didn’t-I-think-of-this-first ideas. A place to break shit. 

Sarah’s Smash Shack in San Diego is a place where you can rent a soundproof room and buy some cheap thrift plates and glasses and throw them at the wall. You can bring your ipod and blare “I’M A BITCH” while channeling your break up or work frustrations on some chintz plateware. Not only does this place give people an outlet to walk away a little less stressed, but also supports the arts by donating the broken remains of your anger to local artist and youth art projects for mosaic work.


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