Bing Me?

legogoogleToday should also be Google day, or search engine day. Next week there is an online release of an indie film, Google Me: The Movie, about a guy that google himself and decides to meet all the people that share his name.

Also, today Microsoft FINALLY launched their search engine, Bing. Like Chandler Bing. At first glance, it looks clean and streamlined, intriguing, just asking for you to explore. But you don’t go to a search engine to explore, you go to get where you want to go fast. Google’s main page can’t get much more simple. Even as the application Google offers expands, their main page hasn’t changed since it launched, resisting the urge to add advertising or other side column with fun facts or news. To try it out, I search for the term “wine” (highly appropriate for what is in my glass right now). I get results for, wine wikipedia page. And to be honest, the results format looks a lot like Google’s. I do like the “related searches” left column, that may help narrow a general search like that. I may try it out a few more times, but it’ll be tough to stop my fingers from typing in goo….


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