Steelcase Walkstations

aebaca4b93a3c9070e990fbd253c310fI love boing boing and it is rare that I ever read something on that site that I already know about. So imagine how cool I felt when I saw this post for a treadmill that you can walk on at your desk at work. The Steelcase Walkstation has been part of my weekly workout routine for almost a year now. I had no idea my office was so innovative! All bragging aside, this combo treadmill/laptop docking station is a great way to get off your butt at work. It doesn’t go very fast, probably not even fast enough for a speed-walk, so you can still concentrate on the screen while burning a few calories and keeping your heart and lungs working hard. Before we got the walkstation, I would have to drink 15 glasses of water a day just so I would force myself to leave my desk to pee every half hour.


5 responses to “Steelcase Walkstations

  1. WTF. Do you work with the Jestons?

  2. one of the perks of working where i do i guess…

  3. There are two treadmill desks at our office. I spend the better part of my workday on mine, and when my workday is done, I play World of Warcraft for a few hours, burning even more calories in a guilt-free gaming session. 🙂 If you have the capability to get a treadmill desk, I highly recommend it. The health benefits are amazing.

  4. We got one too! Its awesome, I totally save so much time when I don’t have to workout after work. We got it from an ergonomic store, Awesome store. Great prices.

  5. I’m so glad to see that more businesses are catching onto the fact that sitting for 8 hours a day is probably not the most healthy lifestyle! I’ve read about companies that have replaced chairs with exersize balls (I believe Dwight did that for an episode of the Office too). I can only imagine what that would do for my balance and my core! It would make any pilates instructor proud

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