I Met the Walrus

I_met_the_Walrus_by_Wiltsgurl17I mean I WISH I met the Walrus. But one lucky 14-year-old boy named Jerry Levitan in 1969 somehow finagled his way into the hotel room of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in Toronto. Lennon agreed to an interview by Levitan and the rest is history. 40 years late, Jerry has finally decided to cash in on this life-changing event. He has written a book about the experience as well as an animated film that is up for an Academy Award. Both projects are brought to life with the help of illustrations by James Braithwaite.

I’ll have to pick up the book in Borders sometime to see how down and dirty his account gets or how much of a moneymaker this is. Call me a cynic but anything with a Beatles’ name on it must be handled with utmost care and caution.


2 responses to “I Met the Walrus

  1. The Lennon/Ono stop over in Toronto was not a Bed-in. They test-drove the concept in Amsterdam, made an attempt in the Bahamas but the politcians were not welcoming and besides, it was too hot. They stayed overnight in Toronto where Mr. Levitan had his unique private audience and the next day moved on to settle into the Queen Elizabeth Hotel. For the record.

  2. Thank you very much for the correction!

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