Let Your Love Flow

Best. Day. Ever. For the past week I have had the song from the sweet @ss new Prius commercials stuck in my head. I did a search for it online a few weeks ago with no success. Today I was determined to put an end to this madness and satisfy my constant need to listen to that silky environmentally-friendly voice once and for all. I was ready to dig through the deep web and download a toxic torrent onto my computer to find it. But low and behold, there it is on the Toyota twitter feed. A free download of “Let your Love Flow” by Petra Haden on MySpace. Get it while its hot!


4 responses to “Let Your Love Flow

  1. UGH! I was in the same boat as you about a month ago, but the track was nowhere to be found. I gave up, just now I did a new search, found your post, but apparently it’s gone already. Such is the story of my life.

  2. everyone should enjoy this song so ill email my file to you

  3. Amanda was also too late.

    >.<;; Could you possibly email me the file as well?

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