Real World Wikipedia

5_wikipedia-2Every wonder what the Internet would physically look like in the “real world”? We may not have the brain cells or enough toothpicks (because if you’re going to do a diorama of the Internet, wouldn’t you use toothpicks too?) but some guy decided to do the next best thing. He printing and bound the entirety of the Wikipedia featured articles, creating a 5,000 page tower of useless knowledge. I’m going to try not to put on my environmental hat and ignore the number of trees that were killed to put this together (seeing as one great reason for technology is that we save a few trees), and see what a great way this is to represent the vast knowledge of the Internet. 

I sometimes find it hard to wrap my mind around digital concepts because there is no real image to map it out for me (Some New Media student I am…). For kids/toddlers that are just adjusting to the idea of the Internet, this physical beast is a touchstone to understanding just how much a little corner of the net like Wikipedia really is…or maybe kids don’t need help with this sense they come out of the womb with an iPhone and a twitter account these day.

This non sense entry is why I will never be able to be a teacher.


One response to “Real World Wikipedia

  1. This non-sense entry is right on the money! The Internet has advanced the sharing of knowledge, trivial or otherwise, logarithmically. It is the most drastic advancement since the printed word.

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