Facebook overload

logo_facebookAll morning I’ve been trying to log into Facebook with no luck. I keep getting a “system unavailable” error message. I put two and two together and realized this must be a glick in their launch of the username feature. People scrambling to get the best username before someone else snags it. I initally shrugged this off. Eh I’m over the AOL screenname self-expression sexybunnie2834xxx. I prefer my real name tried and true. So I’ll wait for facebook to calm down, log on later and assess the damage of 100 million people adding numbers and witty turn of phrases to their already-overly-expressive profile.

Then it hit me. WHAT IF SOMEONE ELSE IS MY JENERATION?!?! i have been furiously attempting to log on for an hour so I can claim my digital identity before someone steals my wittiness.

And another one bites the dust…


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