Volunteer%20GraphicI was an active volunteer in Cleveland a few years back, but since coming to Chi-town, I’ve been busy with school/work/fun to look into what kind of help I can dive into in this city. It’s not that I don’t want to volunteer anymore, I loved helping out in Cleveland. But it seemed easier to pin down the non-profits in a smaller city like that. Maybe the land of non-profits in the big city is so vast, I can’t decide where to begin my search for a good outlet for my free services. But along comes All for Good, a search engine site dedicated to volunteer opportunities. A collaboration between Google and Craigslist, the masters of search and user-generated content.

So I did a little search on Chicago, IL to see what programs comes up. Low and behold, the first result that popped up seems like something to look into. A NFP looking to redesign their website and create some promo material. Perfect for a New Media student looking to puff up a portfolio and get some hands on experience but is not good enough to charge for her services yet. It must be a sign.


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