The Sound of Young America podcast from PRI is one of my favorite broadcasts. Jesse Thorn and his bowtie constantly has comedic guests and innovative thinkers that are pushing our culture forward (someday that will be me…). He helped host the first annual MaxFunCon, “a gathering of creative people who wish to be more awesome”. I’ve always wanted to go to a convention, like ComicCon, and next year maybe I’ll be on the west coast and can go this awesome idea for a convention.

ANYways (I promise this post is supposed to be about more than just me lamenting my future awesomeness). One guest that frequents the Sound of Young America and was one of the speakers at MaxFunCon was Merlin Mann, 549028042_facf785271the creator or the website 43 folders. He gave a great talk about his philosophy on being creative and how to build a successful product out of your passions. His basic message is “Start”. Instead of thinking of a million reasons to wait to begin creating, stop making excuses and start doing. Follows my words of wisdom “Don’t think – Do”. The whole talk, which I would really recommend you listen to, even if it is solely because Merlin is effing hilarious, is streaming on the Maximum Fun website.


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