Why is my mother getting a tattoo?

arts-graphics-2006_1171636aI adore Rolling Stones writer Jancee Dunn. I read her first “memoir” But Enough About Me (I put it in quotes because I think a memoir sounds like it should be a Toni Morrison biography or something serious and featured on Oprah, not humor writing about life in Jersey.) and loved the relateability reading about her perpetual nervousness during interviews and oddly close family dynamics. So I am equally excited to pick up her newest collection of stories from the underbelly of middle America, Why is My Mother Getting a Tattoo? . Now that my summer course is out of the way and I have two months of freedom before fall quarter starts, I can finally pick up some good reads! And this one is at the top of my list.

Post-script – I guess it’s been a while since I looked up Jancee because in the interim between those two books, she also wrote a novel, Don’t You Forget about Me. Looks like I’ve got two books to get through!


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