Lusting after Wanderlust

wl-bird-no-tag4-300x146This past weekend was that beautifully harmonious festival of music and yoga, Wanderlust, in Lake Tahoe. I have already set up my savings fund to go next year. This review in the NY Times gives an idea of something bigger than an idea. Music, yoga, meditation, massage, mountain views, capri sweats, incense, and Girl Talk. Wanderlust may have actually achieved the closest my life could come to heaven. Next Year for sure.

Last summer I went to a free outdoor rock ‘n roll yoga class put on by Crunch Fitness. The intersection of music, fresh Lake Michigan air, and yoga is a calming yet energizing experience. One I wish I could do daily. I almost signed a check for the unlawfully expensive registration fee to join Crunch just for that class. Listening to a Zeppelin jam track during a sun salutation is a natural groove that will send any person’s mind into a psychedelic moment of zen. 

NPR’s Carrie Brownstein asks: If we can have a music + yoga festival, what other combinations could there be? What about music + cooking? I wouldn’t step foot in it with my cooking skills but I know lots of people that love it.


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