This Recording

where_the_wild_things_are_movie_imageI discovered an intriguing new website to explore. I stand corrected. Of course I didn’t find it alone. Justin answered my call for some new sites with the semi-official unofficial (?) blog for the creative outlet of the crew for the childhood-fantasy-come-true Where the Wild Things Are movie. It’s called We Love You So. I had no idea the importance this movie places on the arts. And how happy I am that they are. They posted a link to Wes Anderson’s perfect mixtape. It lead to the site This Recording. I’m still trying to fully understand the goal of the site but whatever it is, it includes tons of MP3 downloads of rare and unique songs, beautiful art work, and other bits of pop culture tucked into the corners of the internet. I’m sure you’ll see little treasures I’ve found on there posted here.


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