Top Beach Reads 2009

I have unofficially deemed this the summer of reading. Just like Book-It in elementary school enticed children to read during the summer instead of watching the Mickey Mouse Club with promises of pizza and buttons, I’m trying to pull myself away from OnDemand movies by promising myself I’ll read and run more (a smart mind and an even smarter body trumps watching Ace of Cakes).


I made a trip to the bookstore last week and, as promised, picked up Why is my mother getting a tattoo? andHere’s the Kicker. I also got Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to broaden my reading horizon with a murder mystery instead of my typical everyday humor novels (it also made the NPR summer reading list, see below). And out of curiosity and, admittedly, for reference, I got Bonk: The Curious coupling of sex and science by the amazing Mary Roach. (I first heard about this book watching this talk she gave at the TED conference.)

I’ve been looking forward to the finalized list of NPR’s top 100 summer beach books to come out, and behold, 100 more books for me to get through during my month and a half of freedom before classes start again (Is there an economy-size purchase discount at Borders?). The list was whittled down by a series of votes by users. This lead to some great books that I had forgotten about like Poisonwood Bible and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (probably a little lofty for one month to read), one’s I’ve never heard of like Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, and yet user-voted results also leads to 15 minute phenomenon’s like Harry Potter and Twilight and the classics like Little Women, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (a personal favorite), and The Fountainhead (I’ve been 200 pages into that book for a year now). The result is an eclectic list that guarantees something for everyone.

These reading posts are making me want to push my nerd glasses up my nose a little.


One response to “Top Beach Reads 2009

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