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Jukebox Junkies

m_f3854ac913a44305a948d0725ca5f07eI’m headin home to Detroit for the weekend for some family camping fun. But before I settle into a folding chair by the campfire and crack open a PBR with my cousins, I’m going to check out the BEST band in Metro Detroit, Jukebox Junkies. They’ll be playing at Bourbon Jake’s in Rochester Friday night. If you’re in the area Friday night stop by to hear the beatboxing guitarist and lead singer that sounds freakishly like the frontman of the Killers!


Welcome Candies!

15313089_6623975While Whitney over at Pop Candy is on vacation, she has enlisted the help of her readers to keep the blog alive while she is lounging at the beach. I wrote a piece for Pop Candy about the Steelcase Walkstation today.

I have to thank Whitney for giving her reader such a great opportunity to do a little writing on a big platform and so we can all enjoy the discoveries that other readers are sharing!

A Decade of Hidden Gems has spent August counting down the top 500 songs of the new millenium, a little prematurely  I think. From skimming through the list I was impressed to see that the top 20 list is not full of typical radio singles (although Gnarley Barkley “Crazy” and MIA “paper planes” are on the list. They deserve it). Even having Beyonce “crazy in love” isn’t just on there because 10 million middle schoolers bought the song on iTunes, they give a good reason for it’s placement on the list. In true Pitchfork fashion, they still throw you for a loop and make you second guess just how well you understand music when they throw 10 band names at you that you’ve never even heard of in the top 50 and make you realize that what you thought was a well-rounded iTunes library is really just the tip of the iceberg.

*spoiler* I LOVE that number 1 is Oukast “Bombs over Baghdad” since whenever I hear that song I think of New Years Eve 2006 almost falling through the floorboards of the neighbor boys’ house dancing/stomping to this one. 

18 streaming music sites

music1When I’m at work I have to get creative on how I find new music. Usually I listen to XM radio but then discovered this great list by ReadWriteWeb of 18 streaming music sites! This will be very useful when I’m not at my laptop and am not able to download rar. files of new music (which has become my new mode of downloading music, instead of SoulSeek, which I couldn’t find a good form of for the mac).

Not only is this a great way to listen to music without downloading programs from the Internet if you are wary of what viruses it may contain, but it appears that a lot of these streaming sites have created a community where you can share and recommend music to others. So not only can I listen to what I’m itching to hear, but also maybe stumble upon something new. I’ve used, Pandora, Lala, and Imeem. Justin is one of the Hype Machine “experts” but I haven’t explored it as much as I probably should after all he’s said about it. Hopefully I’ll make my way through the rest of these sites over the next few weeks and report back if they live up to my hopes and dreams I have for them.

Lego Movie


Warner Bros is in talks to make a Legos movie! I guess after they made a Transformer’s movie there’s no stopping the endless toy movies that could turn into blockbuster hits, right? I used to create elaborate plotlines for my Playmobil people like I was a soap opera writer. Should I get in touch with Dreamworks and see if I can cash in on the childhood drama?

The Company Scarlett Keeps

Pete+Yorn++Scarlett+Johansson+Relator+vinylWoody Allen muse, voluptuous seductress, and blond bombshell Scarlett Johansson has found yet another way to remind me of true female beauty, her voice. She released a solo album, Anywhere I Lay My Head, produced by the knarly TV on the Radio and featured tracks with David effing Bowie, and is now collaborating with Pete Yorn on The Breakup Album. There is already a video out for their first single, Relator. Her deep sultry voice and his rasp yet cozy sounds should make for another break out collaborative project. If we are judged by the company we keep, than Scarlett sure is a good judge of musical character!

What is a Dunny?

5719_toy2Whenever I see two pop culture references in a week that I don’t understand, I know it’s something important and awesome that I am missing out on. This week it is dunnys…or dunnies….or a dunny. I don’t even know the correct grammatical form to use.

I watched an episode of the sugary sweet and i-want-be-friends-with-you-people show Ace of Cakes on Food Network and one couple ordered Dunny wedding cakes. A few days later a post popped up on boing boing about a Dunny signing by designer Amanda Visell. 

So what IS a dunny??

First stop is always Wikipedia. After eliminating the first definition (Aussie slang for toilet) I find that they are little vinyl bunny toys that are designed as action figures. The name came from one of the original Dunnies made, a “Devil Bunny”. It looks like the central site to find dunnies is Kidrobot, which has a list of all the Dunnies created. They have become a huge collectable item because of the limited release of the various designs. Fans also design their own dunnies, but since you can’t buy a blank slate dunny, they strip old dunnies of their design and paint on them. Very cool to see that collectors put their own make into the toys. They remind me of Beannie Babies but somehow more cute and kick-ass.