Because you haven’t read enough about search engines today

spezifyEven though it is almost automatic for me to plug in my search term into the Google bar in Safari, it’s still fun to explore what outside-the-box under-the-radar new search sites are popping up, Spezify. Spezify is a visual display of how your search results look in the vast net. It, like Wordnik, it pulls from sites, news, images, video, twitter posts, blog entries. It displays across a horizon, no matter where you scroll more results pop up, instead of the typical up-to-down scroll.

Since I’m rewatching yesterday’s episode of Entourage right now, I type in Adrian Grenier for my search and my results is a smorgasbord of curly locks and blue eyes and twitter posts of girls dreaming of his hotness and tabloid pics of him in various states of stars-theyre-just-like-us! To keep my review of search engines consistent, I also search “wine”. I get less photos than with Adrian and a few more articles, but still it seems that the majority of this engine is for multimedia files instead of sites or information. Even though the collage of information appears overwhelmingly complete, beyond the photos it doesn’t seem like a good engine beyond the visual.


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