True Social Networking

adsp1I’m starting to notice a trend with advertising. I’ve seen ad campaigns for both Dentyne Gum and Coleman camping supplies that are a “back to basics” anti-“social networking” pro real social networking. Dentyne’s tagline is “Make face time” and Coleman’s is” the original social networking site”. I’ve lamented before on my constant conundrum between the importance of face-to-face hangin out and the innovation of digital SMSing. I think, disregarding the ultimate goal of advertising of $$$, that these campaigns do a good job at reminding people that there needs to be some balance. Digital interaction cannot replace face-to-face. It’s there for a connection when a real connection isn’t possible, when your friend is in the Peace Corp in China but you have to tell them about this lady you saw on the bus today, or when your friend that just moved to the South wants to shoot a Cribs episode of her apartment on the webcam for you to see, or when your sister just HAS to tell you all the gory details of what she learned in nursing school back in Detroit. It’s there when the next best thing to seeing smiling facing is closing your eyes and picturing them.


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