DIY careers

It’s amazing how ideas of unemployment change from the 1930s to 2000s Depressions. In the 30s, when farming and tangible goods made up the majority of capital (from what I remember from high school history, I’m no historian), if people don’t have the money to spend or to invest, there were not many options left. But today, I read countless articles about people that have turned unemployment into an opportunity to make a change (some may call this “FUNemployment” but I’m pretty sure most people don’t quite fall into that category). This Stimulist article talks about how to market your skills to get short-term gigs. It brings in a little money and, who knows, being out of the corporate machine, working for yourself, and having a different project weekly might be just the shake up you need.

And that seems to be just what Nichole Lovett did when she started Harmony Haus, a painting company on wheels. Nichole also adds to the economic benefits of her business with a little green. She uses eco-safe paint, rides her bike to jobs, or uses I-Go car share (which I do also. The membership is a must for any city dweller without a car. You can ask any one of my friends – I talk up this company at every opportunity I get!). Nice work Nichole!


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