Documenting the Digital Music Revolution

bbc_6music_640_360I would love to read this book by Greg Kot, Ripped, about the trend in the music industry from physical to digital music. This has been an ongoing battle between music labels, distributors, artists, regulators, and fans beginning some 10 years ago with the introduction of P2P sharing in Napster.

I have always been fascinated with the new issues that arise as the industry continues to stubbornly put their foot down on digital distribution (like DRM) and as artists and fans find new ways to spread the sounds (like In 2003, I wrote my U of M application essay on why P2P music sharing should be legal and free. Great essay, but I guess the Wolverines weren’t looking to accept a criminal. (Go Green!).

As JayeL looks for a new home for his blog due to some copyright issues, I can’t help but pry for information on their argument for not letting Justin spread the love of great music. Usually, when I get a song from him and listen to it on repeat for a few weeks, I end up on buying the whole album (Amazon MP3s don’t have DRM – fyi). He’s promoting this music to an audience that otherwise would never discover it. I knew this post would lead to my rants. ANYways, going to pick up this book to understand a slightly more educated take on the situation. And if you can help Justin find a new domain to continue spreading the love, please contact him!


One response to “Documenting the Digital Music Revolution

  1. I’ll be adding Ripped to my must reads list immediately. Thanks for spreading the word as well!

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