Quentin Tarantino’s playlist

quentintarantino_l1239770257I’m not a huge fan of bloody gory movies but when I saw Death Proof, Quentin Taratino’s half of the Grindhouse duplex, I was oddly drawn to the movie. I didn’t understand what was drawing me to actually purchase the movie a few months later. After I watched it a second time I realized just how incredible the soundtrack to this movie makes it. So I trust that checking out Quentin Tarantino’s XM Sirius radio playlist will be WELL worth the listen. I’ll be listening to it tonight while I post the tons of great stuff that is overflowing from my RSS feed from the past few days. I’m going to try to jot down all the songs and post them up here so we can all pretend to be badass barmaids with great background music.

Update: It looks like I missed the 7:00 playing. if I’m still alive at 11:00 (which is doubtful after my 9 mile run this afternoon) I’ll try again to catch it.


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