What is a Dunny?

5719_toy2Whenever I see two pop culture references in a week that I don’t understand, I know it’s something important and awesome that I am missing out on. This week it is dunnys…or dunnies….or a dunny. I don’t even know the correct grammatical form to use.

I watched an episode of the sugary sweet and i-want-be-friends-with-you-people show Ace of Cakes on Food Network and one couple ordered Dunny wedding cakes. A few days later a post popped up on boing boing about a Dunny signing by designer Amanda Visell. 

So what IS a dunny??

First stop is always Wikipedia. After eliminating the first definition (Aussie slang for toilet) I find that they are little vinyl bunny toys that are designed as action figures. The name came from one of the original Dunnies made, a “Devil Bunny”. It looks like the central site to find dunnies is Kidrobot, which has a list of all the Dunnies created. They have become a huge collectable item because of the limited release of the various designs. Fans also design their own dunnies, but since you can’t buy a blank slate dunny, they strip old dunnies of their design and paint on them. Very cool to see that collectors put their own make into the toys. They remind me of Beannie Babies but somehow more cute and kick-ass.


One response to “What is a Dunny?

  1. If you haven’t already, you must check out Rotofugi at 1953 W Chicago Ave for Dunnys and so much more. The owners (Kirby and Whitney) are the coolest. http://www.rotofugi.com

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