Yellow Submarine 2.0

24-541the-beatles-yellow-submarine-postersDisney is in the works to buy the right to recreate the infamous Yellow Submarine cartoon. They want to bring back from the dead the cash cow that was Beatlemania with merchandising in Disney Stores and live productions on Broadway and Cirque du Soleil.  

I have mixed feelings about this. As great as it would be to see a whole new generation of Beatles fans enjoying the fantastical spectacle of Yellow Submarine and Beatles songs, I can’t help but think that Disney is just seeing the $$$$ bottom line that this new venture will bring to a corporation that doesn’t always deserve the praise and honor. My dad, a dedicated Beatles fan for years, thinks it will be great to bring the movie into the mainstream since, at the time of its original release, it was a little too extreme for people to embrace. Disney has a way of downplaying the obscure messages of stories (like the true story of the little mermaid and other twisted stories from the mind of Hans Christian Anderson) so perhaps they will make yellow sub a little more kid-friendly. Eh there isn’t much of a good way of twisting this. It will be interesting if nothing else but it does scary me what Disney will do to this pop culture artifact….


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