18 streaming music sites

music1When I’m at work I have to get creative on how I find new music. Usually I listen to XM radio but then discovered this great list by ReadWriteWeb of 18 streaming music sites! This will be very useful when I’m not at my laptop and am not able to download rar. files of new music (which has become my new mode of downloading music, instead of SoulSeek, which I couldn’t find a good form of for the mac).

Not only is this a great way to listen to music without downloading programs from the Internet if you are wary of what viruses it may contain, but it appears that a lot of these streaming sites have created a community where you can share and recommend music to others. So not only can I listen to what I’m itching to hear, but also maybe stumble upon something new. I’ve used Last.fm, Pandora, Lala, and Imeem. Justin is one of the Hype Machine “experts” but I haven’t explored it as much as I probably should after all he’s said about it. Hopefully I’ll make my way through the rest of these sites over the next few weeks and report back if they live up to my hopes and dreams I have for them.


3 responses to “18 streaming music sites

  1. you might try Wolfgang’s Vault. there are thousands of concerts all streamed free, and you’ll be surprised at what you can find there – from 1965 to last year.

  2. I’m not sure how I missed this post (whoops). I had a friend recommend GrooveShark to me today!

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