A Decade of Hidden Gems

p2k_tracks_headerPitchfork.com has spent August counting down the top 500 songs of the new millenium, a little prematurely  I think. From skimming through the list I was impressed to see that the top 20 list is not full of typical radio singles (although Gnarley Barkley “Crazy” and MIA “paper planes” are on the list. They deserve it). Even having Beyonce “crazy in love” isn’t just on there because 10 million middle schoolers bought the song on iTunes, they give a good reason for it’s placement on the list. In true Pitchfork fashion, they still throw you for a loop and make you second guess just how well you understand music when they throw 10 band names at you that you’ve never even heard of in the top 50 and make you realize that what you thought was a well-rounded iTunes library is really just the tip of the iceberg.

*spoiler* I LOVE that number 1 is Oukast “Bombs over Baghdad” since whenever I hear that song I think of New Years Eve 2006 almost falling through the floorboards of the neighbor boys’ house dancing/stomping to this one. 


One response to “A Decade of Hidden Gems

  1. I think the floor stomping on that occasion was to represent what actual bombs would sound like. Good choice Pitchfork.

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