Monthly Archives: September 2009

Defying Gravity

Artist Jan von Holleben turn the 3rd dimension in on itself and at the same time brings fantasy of flight to life. Quite an achievement, I agree. In his photograph series “Dreams of Flying” he brings to life our childhood stories to life with, well, children, of course. 

This awesome display reminds me of the Adele video for her single “Chasing Pavements”, where she takes this idea to a new level…with motion.


The Art of Missed Connections

3.10.09I love that artist Sophie Blackall has turned those slightly-sad-but-you-cant-help-read-32-of-them missed connections ads on Craigslist into poetic, romantic watercolors of art.

Those Darlins

I love my chick rock. I love Neko Case and Rilo Kiley. I love Zooey Deschanel and Feist. There are some long days at work when these ladies keep me company for hours upon hours. But I will be the first to admit that there are times when their sounds blend. I usually love this because I can put my playlist on shuffle and flow from one song to the next. But everyone needs to switch things up once and a while. So when Whitney added Those Darlins to her podcast in July.

Anyone that knows me knows that I avoid country music like the plague. But if my country-loving friends are looking for a sly way to get me to enjoy the twang, all they need to do is put in some of Those Darlin. Theyre whiskey-drinkin-geetar-strummin-cowboy-boots-wearin-southern hipsters. I never would have thought I would like a band like this, but with lyrics like “I got drunk and I ate a chicken/I ate a chicken I found in my kitchen” and “Snaggle tooth mama ain’t got no shoes” just make you want to grab a fifth of Bean and head down to the reservoir to throw bottle caps at ducks with these girls!

Revolt against receipts

3433226130_ab689b8302There are some inconveniences in life that we don’t even realize. Like receipts. When I first got a checking account, my parents always stressed keeping all your receipts and doing something called “balancing your checkbook”. You could never risk throw away a receipt for the risk that someone would get ahold of your credit card number and buy a Sebring convertible with it. But now, account numbers aren’t printed in full on receipts and people can log onto their banking website and check their account balance 10 times a day if they want. So why do we still get foot-long receipts with our foot-long subs? Not long after I read this GOOD article about the not-so-green annoyance of receipts, I was in the Apple store picking up Snow Leopard. When I checked out, the salesperson asked me if I wanted my receipt emailed to me. Eureka!

You can crash on my couch forever

stillcr05Why not make your band-stalking tendencies legit? Let bands crash at your apartment when they pass through your town on tour! Better than the Van connects bands with fans for free room and board. Struggling bands aren’t much different than struggling post-grads, trying to fill their bellies and pay the bills where ever the next gig awaits them with a paycheck.

There is always talk about how much or how little a band makes off album sales and how you shouldn’t get your music illegally because artists need to get paid. But maybe the barter system will work in this situation. You many download a free song here or there for a band, but in exchange you give them some floorspace, an aerobed, sheets, and some bagels in the morning. I think that seems like a fair trade.

Tweets into Prayers

slichot_notesinwallI have a hard time getting behind Twitter most of the time, but occasionally I see that it has become a medium that people have learned to embrace for some amount of social change. First there was the use of Twitter to vocalize the events during the Iranian election a few months ago. And now people that are unable to travel to the Western Wall in Jerusalem to place their prayers in the cracks and crevices of the ancient wall can tweet their prayers. 25-year-old Alon Nil created the Twitter address for people to send their prayers to, privately or publicly. He then prints them out and rolls them into the wall of history and religion.


I used to be dead set against remixes of song. I thought it was processed and destroyed, like a mudslop across a crisp white blouse. I always remember feeling like it was sacrilegious for Dispatch to remix Bang Bang and The General on the Under the Radar DVD.

Then of course I met Girl Talk, and The Hood Internet, and JayeL. Now I think, if done right, it can take a song to a whole new, high-energy level. Those Dispatch remixes, listening to them now, make me tap my foot and sing alone where the originals made me sway in a trace. Both are great ways to listen to music, just depends on your mood.

So after that incredible preface, I am PSYCHED for the release of a few remix albums this fall. Kings of Leon and Peter Bjorn & John both have remixes coming out. Both have had DJs and other artists play with their music a little in the past but full albums just scream NEW RUNNING PLAYLIST! to me. The list of artists on the albums is a checklist of great collaborators and noisemakers. Mark Ronson, Justin Timberlake, Lykke Li, Pharrell, Talib Kweli, Three 6 mafia. Here’s Lykke Li’s remix on KoL “Knocked Up”. That is true beautiful synergy…