I used to be dead set against remixes of song. I thought it was processed and destroyed, like a mudslop across a crisp white blouse. I always remember feeling like it was sacrilegious for Dispatch to remix Bang Bang and The General on the Under the Radar DVD.

Then of course I met Girl Talk, and The Hood Internet, and JayeL. Now I think, if done right, it can take a song to a whole new, high-energy level. Those Dispatch remixes, listening to them now, make me tap my foot and sing alone where the originals made me sway in a trace. Both are great ways to listen to music, just depends on your mood.

So after that incredible preface, I am PSYCHED for the release of a few remix albums this fall. Kings of Leon and Peter Bjorn & John both have remixes coming out. Both have had DJs and other artists play with their music a little in the past but full albums just scream NEW RUNNING PLAYLIST! to me. The list of artists on the albums is a checklist of great collaborators and noisemakers. Mark Ronson, Justin Timberlake, Lykke Li, Pharrell, Talib Kweli, Three 6 mafia. Here’s Lykke Li’s remix on KoL “Knocked Up”. That is true beautiful synergy…


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