Revolt against receipts

3433226130_ab689b8302There are some inconveniences in life that we don’t even realize. Like receipts. When I first got a checking account, my parents always stressed keeping all your receipts and doing something called “balancing your checkbook”. You could never risk throw away a receipt for the risk that someone would get ahold of your credit card number and buy a Sebring convertible with it. But now, account numbers aren’t printed in full on receipts and people can log onto their banking website and check their account balance 10 times a day if they want. So why do we still get foot-long receipts with our foot-long subs? Not long after I read this GOOD article about the not-so-green annoyance of receipts, I was in the Apple store picking up Snow Leopard. When I checked out, the salesperson asked me if I wanted my receipt emailed to me. Eureka!


One response to “Revolt against receipts

  1. I understand the concept of keeping receipts but firmly despise it. The only time I get motivated to organize my purchases is when I decide to create a “budget”. What that ends up meaning is me keeping 932849238 receipts until I get disgusted at the pile of papers leading me to throw them all away in one swoop. And another reason receipts sucks – they remind me what I actually spent at the bar. Yucky thinkgs.

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