Those Darlins

I love my chick rock. I love Neko Case and Rilo Kiley. I love Zooey Deschanel and Feist. There are some long days at work when these ladies keep me company for hours upon hours. But I will be the first to admit that there are times when their sounds blend. I usually love this because I can put my playlist on shuffle and flow from one song to the next. But everyone needs to switch things up once and a while. So when Whitney added Those Darlins to her podcast in July.

Anyone that knows me knows that I avoid country music like the plague. But if my country-loving friends are looking for a sly way to get me to enjoy the twang, all they need to do is put in some of Those Darlin. Theyre whiskey-drinkin-geetar-strummin-cowboy-boots-wearin-southern hipsters. I never would have thought I would like a band like this, but with lyrics like “I got drunk and I ate a chicken/I ate a chicken I found in my kitchen” and “Snaggle tooth mama ain’t got no shoes” just make you want to grab a fifth of Bean and head down to the reservoir to throw bottle caps at ducks with these girls!


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