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Podcast 101

Everyone dancing around! Dancing around! Another quarter of grad school. Survived. So you can see what I’ve been consumed with for the past 3 months, check out the blog I put together for my New Media Studies Theory class. I’m also posting my final project, a group project on Podcasting. I was fortunate enough to have access to some really podcasting equipment. I was surprised though that the editing software we used is free and available to all! We used Audacity to edit the clips and GarageBand (free on Macs) to piece together the different layers and sound effects. Now that I know how easy it is to put together a rough podcast, who knows what I might post! Better yet, imagine what JayeL could come up with! (hint, hint)

So this project was a little technical and some parts may be dull unless you heard our class discussions throughout the quarter, but enjoy! There are three episodes.

Podcast1a by jencwaters

Podcast2 by jencwaters

Podcast3 by jencwaters


A Story of Found Grocery Lists

This is a hilarious and genius website that has turned grocery lists that the author found into a story of love and life.

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Voice of an Angel: Norah Jones

norahjonesthefallAfter too many years since her last album release, Norah Jones has come out blazing with her new album, The Fall. While still maintaining her award-winning raspy whispy  vocals and piano-playing, she brings more pop and beat to her songs, more production, and (dare I say it?) a little more fun. I love Norah’s romantic persona, but it is exciting to hear her breathing some fresh air into her work.

NPR has the album streaming on their website before the album is released on Nov 17th.

In a new direction from her classic jazzy sound, there will be some remixing of tracks for Norah. Beastie Boys, Beck, and Santigold (who rocks my socks since seeing her at Lolla this summer) will be remixing songs from the new album. Is it wrong for me to be more excited about these releases than the original album?

Coming up for Air

I’m back! I should have warned you back in September that I was going to be starting school again as well as an internship doing some web marketing for an awesome non-profit study abroad organization. So needless to say, I’ve been working and studying like crazy the past two months. As much as  I want to be a dedicated blogger and say that in my (very limited) free time I continued to blog, but my free time was instead dedicated to my bed and my book (currently reading I am Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolf – finally). I still have a few weeks left of class until I can really breath again but things are finally winding down.

the-onion-logoIn exciting TV news news, The Onion is getting it’s own show on Comedy Central.I am also pleasantly surprised to see that The Onion show will be sports news, based on a series of online webisodes on “Onion Sports Network”. I’m not a huge sports buff (limited viewing to Big Ten football and Red Wings playoff hockey) so there is a good chance I won’t watch this show, but the list of sports maniacs and satire junkies in my facebook news feed is long enough to make this a perfect addition to Comedy Central. It’s a natural place for this show, in line with The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. But I wonder if there is a line between the perfect amount of news satire and too much. I would hope that they will at least put The Onion on a different night.