Coming up for Air

I’m back! I should have warned you back in September that I was going to be starting school again as well as an internship doing some web marketing for an awesome non-profit study abroad organization. So needless to say, I’ve been working and studying like crazy the past two months. As much as  I want to be a dedicated blogger and say that in my (very limited) free time I continued to blog, but my free time was instead dedicated to my bed and my book (currently reading I am Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolf – finally). I still have a few weeks left of class until I can really breath again but things are finally winding down.

the-onion-logoIn exciting TV news news, The Onion is getting it’s own show on Comedy Central.I am also pleasantly surprised to see that The Onion show will be sports news, based on a series of online webisodes on “Onion Sports Network”. I’m not a huge sports buff (limited viewing to Big Ten football and Red Wings playoff hockey) so there is a good chance I won’t watch this show, but the list of sports maniacs and satire junkies in my facebook news feed is long enough to make this a perfect addition to Comedy Central. It’s a natural place for this show, in line with The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. But I wonder if there is a line between the perfect amount of news satire and too much. I would hope that they will at least put The Onion on a different night.


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