Voice of an Angel: Norah Jones

norahjonesthefallAfter too many years since her last album release, Norah Jones has come out blazing with her new album, The Fall. While still maintaining her award-winning raspy whispy  vocals and piano-playing, she brings more pop and beat to her songs, more production, and (dare I say it?) a little more fun. I love Norah’s romantic persona, but it is exciting to hear her breathing some fresh air into her work.

NPR has the album streaming on their website before the album is released on Nov 17th.

In a new direction from her classic jazzy sound, there will be some remixing of tracks for Norah. Beastie Boys, Beck, and Santigold (who rocks my socks since seeing her at Lolla this summer) will be remixing songs from the new album. Is it wrong for me to be more excited about these releases than the original album?


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