Podcast 101

Everyone dancing around! Dancing around! Another quarter of grad school. Survived. So you can see what I’ve been consumed with for the past 3 months, check out the blog I put together for my New Media Studies Theory class. I’m also posting my final project, a group project on Podcasting. I was fortunate enough to have access to some really podcasting equipment. I was surprised though that the editing software we used is free and available to all! We used Audacity to edit the clips and GarageBand (free on Macs) to piece together the different layers and sound effects. Now that I know how easy it is to put together a rough podcast, who knows what I might post! Better yet, imagine what JayeL could come up with! (hint, hint)

So this project was a little technical and some parts may be dull unless you heard our class discussions throughout the quarter, but enjoy! There are three episodes.

Podcast1a by jencwaters

Podcast2 by jencwaters

Podcast3 by jencwaters


One response to “Podcast 101

  1. These are amazing….and I might join the band wagon soon.

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